Crispin Blunt MP: ‘Huge fallacy’ to say no-deal will be catastrophic

Anti-EU protesters

Monday, March 25, 2019

Claiming there will be negative consequences of leaving the EU without a deal is “total rubbish” according to Conservative MP Crispin Blunt.

The Eurosceptic backbencher told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham that the government was covering-up the level of no-deal preparation in order to boost support for Theresa May’s deal.

The Prime Minister is expected to bring her deal before Parliament for a third meaningful vote this week.

Mr Blunt said: “A huge fallacy has been built around the implications of no deal by people talking about crashing out, that it’s going to be catastrophic. All of that is total rubbish.

“In all the areas where it looks as though there will be problems out of no deal, suddenly you find people have made arrangements to make those problems not happen.

“Allegedly 12,000 civil servants have been engaged in the preparations for no-deal, but the government isn’t surfacing that because as soon as it’s clear we’re ready for it, it explodes the arguments for her proposition.”

Mr Blunt said the Prime Minister should “call Labour’s bluff” if she still wanted to get her deal through Parliament, as Conservative Brexiteers would not support the deal.

“If she puts Parliament in a place where they have to make a binary choice between her deal and no deal she will call Labour’s bluff,” he added.

“Labour have pledged to stop no deal, and one of the things it takes to tsop no deal is to vote for her deal, so they need to get on with it.”


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