Crispin Blunt will get 'nothing' in return if UK legalises cannabis

Crispin Blunt

Mr Blunt is calling for the legalisation of cannabis

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Crispin Blunt has insisted he will get "absolutely nothing" in return if cannabis is legalised in the UK, despite chairing a drugs reform group backed by overseas cannabis corporations.

The Tory MP, who is chairman of the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group, has repeatedly called for the legalisation and regulation of marijuana.

But he told talkRADIO that pushing for drugs reform was not about personal or financial gain, even though his group's board of directors includes executives of Canadian cannabis companies looking to expand into the UK.

"I am going to get absolutely nothing from this other than the satisfaction of being able to affect a massive change in public policy for the public good," he said.

"What gets me up in the morning is stopping harm to the public and enabling the public good."

He continued: "We are all learning lessons about how to get this business out of the hands of the crooks into then a legal business, where people know what they are buying, in a place where they can be protected and know the consequences of what they are doing."

Despite his repeated lobbying for legalisation, he said he did "agree" that there could be negative health implications from using the drug.

"Unfortunately, out there on the streets we've lost that argument, and we have got to work out whether there is a better way of protecting people by having this stuff legally supplied, but then licensed and regulated," he added.

The politician told the Cannabis Europa conference in London this week that he predicted the drug would be legalised in the UK within five years.

"We are about 50 years behind on the science about what the potential is here," he said.

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