Critics blast Theresa May after Cabinet reshuffle and tear into 'damaging' Jeremy Hunt

Theresa May's reshuffle has gone down rather badly with many people

It's been another uncomfortable day for Theresa May

Monday, January 8, 2018

Theresa May may have hoped her Cabinet reshuffle would bring some respite from the critics - but the brickbats are continuing to fly.

May's critics have flocked to dismiss the reshuffle on Twitter, describing it as "pointless" and singling out Jeremy Hunt for particular criticism.

Hunt, the most frequently criticised member of May's Cabinet, has been retained and even given an expanded brief, his expanded title reading 'Health and Social Care Secretary.'

Other big beasts such as Amber Rudd and David Davis have also been retained, and many people feel the whole thing has been a waste of time.

One respondent wrote on Twitter that the reshuffle was nothing more than "jobs for the boys", while another said it was simply a "failed rebranding exercise."

Turning specifically to Hunt, one writer said he was "the worst and most damaging Health Secretary" since the health service was established 70 years ago.

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