Critics who call Donald Trump sexist and bigoted don't know the real man, says commentator Charlie Wolf

'Donald Trump is an extremely smart man, he’s gracious and well spoken'

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Criticism of Donald Trump has has been taken widely out of context, according to political commentator Charlie Wolf.

With a week to go until the US presidential election, criticism of Donald Trump continues unabated but the Hillary Clinton's lead has narrowed following the FBI's decision to release new details of its investigation into the Democratic candidate's email server.

Wolf joined Jon Holmes and told him: “I think there’s a good chance [Clinton] has done something wrong, [the FBI are] not going to take this sort of a step unless there’s something there.


“They’re doing their job, if it has consequences [in the election] it’s not their fault, it’s her fault."

Trump has been pilloried for his comments about groping women, and his pledge to build a wall between the US and Mexico and prevent Muslims from entering the country. But Wolf said the sexist, racist caricature of Trump is wide of the mark.

“[The Donald Trump criticism] from what I’ve heard has been taken widely out of context, I know people that know him and have met him and everyone has said he’s an extremely smart man, he’s gracious, he’s well spoken."

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