Crowdfunder for Sadiq Khan baby blimp surpasses initial target

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

A crowdfunding campaign to create a blimp depicting Sadiq Khan as a baby has smashed its target as the organisers plan a protest.

The crowdfunding page was set up by Yanny Bruere, a former Londoner now living in Barcelona, in response to the Mayor of London giving the green light for a giant Trump Baby to be flown over London during the US President's trip to the UK.

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Appearing on James Whale's show on talkRADIO on Tuesday, Mr Bruere said: "So, I was pretty irritated with Sadiq Khan and his willingness to insult the most powerful man in the western world.

"This is someone who is a friend of Britain, who is half-British himself. Two can play at that game, if they [Trump Baby] can do it, then we can."

The fundraiser has already reached over £45,000 after the initial target of £10,000 was smashed within the first day of going live. Yanny has confirmed the money will be used to make a bigger blimp, with a protest event being set up to fly the balloon.

"What we're going to be doing an event in August called Make London Safe Again.

"It will be a demonstration to make London Safe Again and put real pressure on Sadiq Khan to make London feel safer again.

"It will be going to good causes and it will be going to other events."

While Mr Khan has given permission for the Trump Baby to fly over London on Friday, Yanny was asked by James Whale if he would have the same luck with his Sadiq Baby.

"I think he was on Good Morning Britain and Piers Morgan posed the question to him that if there was a blimp of him would he accept, and Sadiq Khan said that he would, as long as it was a peaceful protest they would accept it," he said.

Asked why he moved to Barcelona, Yanny said: "No, I wasn't attacked, but frankly it is quite frightening the attacks going on, you know, machete attacks, acid attacks, moped robberies all in broad daylight, and seemingly not getting caught by the police.

"You can walk around Barcelona with no tension, you can relax fully, and you don't have to look over your shoulder. There's pick-pocketing and that's about it."