Croydon asylum seeker attackers 'represent a small toxic minority', says thinktank British Future

Croydon: 'The attackers are from a small toxic minority', says thinktank British Future

An asylum seeker was attacked last week (Stock image)

Monday, April 3, 2017

The thugs who attacked an asylum seeker in Croydon are from a "small toxic minority" of UK society, thinktank British Future believes .

Last Friday (March 31) an asylum seeker was chased and brutally attacked in Croydon. The 17-year-old was left with a fractured skull, fractured spine and a bleed on the brain. Five people have been charged in connection with the attack.

British Future communications director Steve Ballinger told Sam Delaney that there is a “small toxic minority" of people who feel it is ok to commit hate crimes and we "need to make very clear that their views are unacceptable."

Whilst he admits "people have concerns about how Britain handles refugee and asylum issues," Ballinger believes people still usually "treat other people decently when they meet them."

The attack in Croydon doesn't show “who we are in Britain, this isn’t who the people of Croydon are either," Ballinger said.

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