Cub Scout kicked out of den after asking Colorado lawmaker about gun control

Cub Scout kicked out of den after asking Colorado lawmaker about gun control

Ames Mayfield (not pictured) was asked to leave after he questioned politician Vicki Marble about her pro-gun stance (Stock photo)

Monday, October 23, 2017

A young cub scout in America was kicked out of his group after he strongly questioned a Colorado lawmaker over her stance on gun control. 

The New York Times is reporting Ames Mayfield had met state senator Vicki Marble alongside his den, not long after the mass shooting in Las Vegas where 58 people were killed.

In a two-minute question, he asked her why she had sponsored a bill to allow domestic violence offenders to retain their gun rights. 

Marble is thought to have responded by defending her stance, saying the more guns are owned by individuals in a society, the less crime is committed. 

The young Cub Scout also asked Marble about claims she had blamed the poor health of black people on how much barbecue and chicken they ate, which Marble refuted, saying this was made up by the media. 

After the event, Mayfield's mother told the paper the den leader had said he was upset by the gun question and the 11-year-old was no longer welcome in his den. 

The young man is now in a new den, and a statement to The Times to The Boy Scouts Of America didn't refer to the question posed by him, but said the group was pleased the Mayfield family continued to take part in the Cub Scout program. 

The group stressed its committment to finding the best units for local families.