Daily Mail writer blasts anti-rape groups for 'portraying all women as victims' and says 'women must accept the world they live in'

'Women should accept the world they live in and take measures to protect themselves', says journalist

A judge warned that women should take care when drinking (Stock image)

Friday, March 31, 2017

A Daily Mail columnist has said anti-rape groups are doing women a disservice by portraying them as "helpless" victims, and women must take measures to protect themselves from sexual assault.

Amanda Platell spoke to talkRADIO in light of controversial comments by Judge Lindsey Kushner, who said women are at greater risk of rape if they are drunk. The comments have outraged anti-rape groups and drawn a heated response from police commissioner Vera Baird.

But Platell told Carole Malone that women must "accept the world" we live in and deal with the fact that "men by and large are stronger than us".

She believes women's groups constantly portray women as victims and apply the "victim blaming argument" to women everywhere, which she says is "disgraceful" as such groups are supposed to be about equality. 

Platell called on women's groups to "come out and say it’s really not a great idea to down six vodka shots, a bottle of wine and take some drugs, and be completely on your own and wander out into the street."

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