Damian Collins: 'If it's so liberal in California, why can't Mark Zuckerberg answer business questions?'

'If it's so sunny and liberal in California, why can't Mark Zuckerberg answer business questions?', says Damian Collins

The Facebook chief is sending a deputy to the fake news inquiry instead of going himself

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Why is it so hard to get Mark Zuckerberg to answer questions about his business? Conservative MP and head of the fake news inquiry Damian Collins pondered the issue with Julia Hartley-Brewer.

The Facebook founder has been asked to appear before MPs as part of an inquiry into fake news, however he has said he will send chief product officer Chris Cox in his place.

"The question a reasonable person might ask is well, if it is so sort of sunny and happy in California and they’re very open and liberal, why is it so hard to get them to appear in front of Parliamentary committees to answer questions about their business?

"We said to Facebook we’d like Chris Cox to come, he is one of the most senior people in the company and is responsible for many of the features we use everyday on Facebook.

"So he's a much much more senior figure than will have ever given evidence to Parliament before about Facebook so we’re pleased that he’s coming."

However "this is about the behaviour of the company over a long period of time and therefore the person that really is the beating heart of that company, Mark Zuckerberg, should come and give evidence, too."

He believes high profile people usually appear before Parliamentary inquiries "because they recognise it’s damage to their reputation to refuse."

Collins added that he thinks "people increasingly trust less those companies, trust less the information they see on the sites, trust less their ability to hold on to their data."

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