Damian Green: 'Theresa May is almost billy no mates', says political commentator

Damian Green: 'Theresa May is almost billy no mates', says political commentator

George Jones says Theresa May will be remembered for Brexit

Friday, December 22, 2017

Theresa May is almost "billy no mates" and most who could replace Damian Green are a threat to her, according to a political commentator.

May has sacked her deputy Damian Green due to his misconduct over allegations about pornography on his office computer, leaving the position vacant.

Political commentator George Jones told Mike Graham and Penny Smith that May is "almost a billy no mates" and "she doesn’t have a warm group of people around her."

He believes "nobody ever saw Damian Green stepping up to Number 10" but is she puts Jeremy Hunt, Amber Rudd, David Davis or Boris Johnson in his position "they’d be seeing that as a sort of stepping stone towards her job."

He also thinks the Prime Minister "in the end... is going to be defined by Brexit" and until she can arrange what the Government want from trade talks "the clamour and noise over that is really going to drown out anything else she tries to do whether it’s on housing, student tuition fees, issues like the homeless, the National Health Service."

She is also visited Poland to reassure Polish nationals living in the UK that they'll still be welcome after Brexit, while it has been announced that UK passports will be changed from the burgundy EU colour to the traditional blue colour.

Jones said: "I think what Poland shows is there are countries out there who value trade with the UK."

On the new passport, he added: "Having had this very easy travel around Europe, suddenly you find yourself queueing with all sorts of other people.

"You might have a blue passport but you'd probably wish you’d still got the burgundy one."

Jones said: "The referendum happened and clearly I think we’re going to go but nobody actually thought what does it mean? Do we have a plan for it? We jumped off a cliff, we jumped out of the 20th storey of a skyscraper without a parachute."

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