Damon Smith: Student accused of planting bomb on London Underground Jubilee Lane won't give evidence

Student accused of planting bomb on London Underground will not give evidence

The student allegedly left a bomb on the Jubilee Line (Stock image)

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A student who has been accused of planting a bomb on a Jubilee Line train on the London Underground has declined the opportunity to give evidence at his trial.

Damon Smith filled a bag with explosives and ball-bearing shrapnel and left it on the train, having set it to go off within a few minutes, the court heard.

The student has denied making or possessing an explosive substance with intent to endanger life, however, he has admitted to perpetrating a bomb hoax, the BBC reported.

When he was arrested he claimed he only wanted the device to let out smoke as part of a prank, but admitted to creating it.

The Old Bailey also heard that in order to put the device together, the 20-year-old read an zal-Qaeda article.

An iPad has also allegedly been found, which has a shopping list on it entitled "pressure cooker bomb materials." The piece ends with the comment "keep this a secret between me and Allah #InspireTheBelievers."

The court also heard that the student has Asperger's syndrome and an interest in weapons which could be linked to the condition.

Richard Carey-Hughes QC said Smith would not be providing evidence, after the prosecutors closed their case.

He also said that jurors could take what they wanted from Smith not appearing in the witness box.

Jurors will begin their deliberation on Wednesday (May 3), when the defence has closed its case.