Dan Hodges to George Galloway: ‘The politicians have blown Brexit’

Monday, July 23, 2018

Political commentator Dan Hodges has told George Galloway that he doesn’t know ‘what the alternatives’ are when it comes to offering the British public a referendum on the final Brexit deal.

Talking to George Galloway on talkRADIO, the Mail On Sunday affiliate has called for the British people to vote on the final deal that will see us leave the European Union. “I don’t really see what the alternatives are,” he said.

“I was a very staunch Remainer, but the result was the result, and I was at the view that we had to respect the result and the Leave Camp had a won a small, but decisive victory.

“But with victory comes a responsibility, and there was a responsibility on those who advocated Brexit, and campaigned for Brexit, to then implement in a practical, pragmatic way the result as defined by the wishes of the British people, and what we’ve seen - and what we continue to see is politicians of all persuasions are simply unable to do it - the politicians have blown it, they cannot find a way of moving Brexit forward.

“So, it seems to me that we only have one option; if the politicians can’t break the lock and if the politicians can’t do their job, then again we’re going to have to hand the responsibility of getting us out of this mess to the British people.”

Theresa May and her cabinet are currently in Gateshead for a Brexit away day to discuss in detail the final proposals they’ll offer to the European Union before Britain leaves the bloc.

However, Galloway suggested that a General Election could be an option to help solve the issues that Brexit has arisen.  

In his reply to Mr Hodges, he said: “I agree with all of that except there isn’t only one option there’s two; the traditional way of dealing with a government that can no longer pass its measures in parliament is to have a General Election.”

The political commentator quickly responded and explained that if there was a Labour government, that Brexit would not move forward.

“Even if we did have a new election and we did have a Labour government, the reality is; the Labour Party is as divided,” he said.

“Within ten seconds of Jeremy Corbyn crossing the threshold of Downing Street we would see the exactly the same divisions that have opened up in the Conservative Party open up in the Labour Party - this paralysis and this inability to move forward would continue.”