Dan Wootton attacks ‘gotcha’ journalism against Priti Patel

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

talkRADIO’s Dan Wootton has criticised the media for playing “gotcha journalism” against the government over its handling of Covid-19.

Speaking with journalist Dawn Neesom, he said: “I think the gotcha journalism that exists around certain politicians, especially the Home Secretary Priti Patel, is actually despicable.”

Dan continued: “If Priti Patel was on the Left there would be people that would be saying that this was sexist and racist because the woman is a highly professional person and she can’t seem to get through a press conference without a whole load of journalists who are desperate to find a reason to play gotcha.”

It comes after the Home Secretary was mocked over the weekend for announcing that shoplifting rates had decreased during the coronavirus lockdown.

Piers Morgan tweeted “Has anyone told her most shops are shut?”, while the Independent’s Indy100 wrote that it was “a strange point to make given the circumstances”.

Dan lambasted the critics, saying “if that’s your big gotcha, you’ve failed.

“It’s the journalist that are just trying to trip people up who I think the public are turning on.”

Mr Morgan has been cleared by broadcasting watchdog Ofcom after his interviews of Cabinet ministers drew more than 4,000 complaints. The Good Morning Britain presenter was taken to task by Lord Alan Sugar on talkRADIO for “bashing” the government.

Meanwhile, Conservative MP Iain Duncan Smith has also berated journalists for their government criticisms. He called for “perspective” when dealing with issues such as personal protective equipment.

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