Dan Wootton to Eamonn Holmes: Roxanne Pallett's behaviour is ‘dangerous’

Dan Wootton to Eamonn Holmes: Roxanne Pallett's behaviour is ‘dangerous’

Monday, September 3, 2018

Dan Wootton has told talkRADIO’s Eamonn Holmes that Roxanne Pallett's behaviour towards Ryan Thomas in Celebrity Big Brother was “dangerous”.

Wootton joined his talkRADIO colleague on Drive on Monday afternoon to discuss the fallout from Pallett's claims that Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas hurt her after punching her.

During the show, which aired on Friday night, Pallett demanded Thomas be removed from the house. 

Watch: Ryan Thomas play fighting with Roxanne Pallett

Viewers came to the defence of Thomas, saying it was merely play fighting.

The former Emmerdale actress left the house over the weekend and made an apology on The Jeremy Vine Show on Monday morning.

In her apology she admitted that she “got it really wrong”.

Wootton told Holmes on Drive that Pallett’s actions have done a “favour for the showbiz industry”.


'She shouldn't work with male co-stars'

“What I would say in this case, Roxanne Pallette going into Big Brother has done the showbiz industry a favour because actually she was dangerous, this type of behaviour is dangerous.

“I know this sounds really harsh but she should not be working with male co-stars anymore.

“I don’t have sympathy for her but at the same time she does need to get some help, I’m not saying that as an excuse, she needs to get some psychological help and I worry about how she’s going to cope with being hated and that is a horrible position to be in.”

Many viewers of the show accused Pallett of playing on domestic violence issues, with Wooton arguing she is “belittling” those who have been through it.


'Tarnished the #metoo movement'

Holmes asked Wootton if this tarnished the #metoo movement and undermined those who are genuinely victims of domestic abuse.

“The thing is, can you imagine if this wasn’t on video, there would be no proof,” he said.

“Ryan Thomas would be considered guilty until found innocent, and we are playing with people’s careers now and I think we do have to start putting a little bit more questioning around these allegations before we immediately find someone is guilty, suspend them, and sack them.

“We’ve just got to think sometimes because this actually shows how untrue allegations can be made, and of course this hasn’t just happened to celebrities there’s been a whole load of cases recently where ordinary people’s lives have been affected by false allegations.”


‘Thomas now favourite’

Since the incident Ryan Thomas has now become the favourite to win the show.

“Ryan Thomas is now the overwhelming favourite to win the show,” added Wooton.

“He dealt with the situation with so much respect both for himself, for big brother and for Roxanne - what a stand-up guy.

“In terms of Roxanne her career is in tatters now.

“Have you seen the tweet posted by Rhydian Roberts - the former X Factor star - who is due to star with her in pantomime, Cinderella, later this year?” he asked Holmes.

“He has posted to a fan on twitter a picture of a harness and a GoPro attached to it, saying he is going to have to wear that if he’s going to be working with Roxanne Pallett this year."