Dan Wootton hopes lockdown strengthens ‘mollycoddled’ millennials

Friday, May 8, 2020

talkRADIO’s Dan Wootton has said he hopes the current coronavirus crisis will help foster a “new greatest generation” such as those who lived through World War Two.

As the UK today marks the 75th anniversary of VE day, when allied forces formerly accepted surrender from the Nazis in 1945, Dan praised the likes of the Queen and Captain Tom Moore who came of age during the conflict.

He said they had inspired the country through the turbulence of the Covid-19 pandemic, when celebrities, experts and politicians have looked “so deeply inadequate”.

“That gives me some hope, that out of our current trauma will come a new great generation of young leaders to shepherd us through the next 100 years.

“Maybe I’m naive but I think the current pain and uncertainty surrounding lockdown could strengthen the character of young people who have been mollycoddled by teachers and parents for so long.”

Dan added that he was optimistic that lockdown would mean young people would never again take everyday activities for granted.

“I hope and pray that when we look back in many decades time, we will be talking about how this historic coronavirus pandemic of 2020 helped create a new greatest generation in the same way the end of world war two did 75 years earlier,” he concluded.

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