Dan Wootton on obesity: 'If you want to eat a big pizza, you'll just order two'


Friday, October 12, 2018

talkRADIO's Dan Wootton has claimed Public Health England's draft proposal to limit the calorie count in foods served in restaurants won't help to tackle the obesity crisis, because "if you want to eat a big pizza, you'll just order two".

The new proposals suggest that a pizza should contain no more than 928 calories, with pies containing no more than 695 calories.

Wootton claimed if the system was introduced, takeaway chains such as Pizza Hut and Dominos would be put "out of business overnight".



"I'm telling you, it's impossible to make one of their pizzas for less than 928 calories," Wootton joked.

Wootton revealed he has battled with his weight for "decades" and that the new proposals were "missing the point".

"I am someone that has battled with my weight for the past two decades, I have been morbidly obese, I have been underweight," he said. "This is a lifetime battle for me just like it is a lifetime battle for so many people in this country."



"We are losing the fight against obesity in so many ways, however this new proposal from Public Health England that restaurants should start limiting the calorie count on a whole range of foods, including cooking sauces, sandwiches and ready meals is simply non-sensical.

"It simply misses the point about why people are overweight. Very often this is an emotional need.

"If you want to eat a big pizza, you'll just order two."