Dan Wootton to People's Vote director: 'Why are you so against a democratic vote?'

Dan Wootton to People's Vote director: 'Why are you so against a democratic vote?'

Remain campaigners march in London with their dogs. Image: Getty

Friday, October 19, 2018

Dan Wootton clashed with People’s Vote campaign director James McGrory on the eve of the March for the Future, saying campaigners calling for a second referendum should have protested before the initial Brexit vote.

The March for the Future takes place on Saturday October 20 through London, with Sadiq Khan scheduled to speak.

“Why do all of these people going out tomorrow, why didn’t they campaign before the referendum? Why are you so against a democratic vote?” asked Wootton.

McGrory shot back: “The only anti-democratic thing here is people like you, who are very well-off, saying they can’t go out and protest.”


'Just because you vote doesn't mean you can't change your mind'

“Well, of course they can, but I don’t know why they weren’t protesting before the referendum,” Wootton replied.

“I’m sure lots of people were. Just because you vote, doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind,” said McGrory, adding that that was one point on which he agreed with former Brexit secretary David Davis.

In a 2012 speech, Davis said: “If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a democracy” - but appeared to change his own mind last year when he rejected calls to put a clause into the Brexit bill allowing the government to reverse Brexit.

“On this and nothing else I agree with David Davis, a democracy that cannot change its mind ceases to be a democracy,” McGrory continued.

“The idea that our democracy is frozen and aspic on June 23 2016, and we can never change our mind as we see the Brexit being delivered bears no resemblance than the one we were promised…”

“Not true,” Wootton interjected.

“What, there’ll be £350 million a week for the NHS will there?

“There’s going to be a load of new free trade deals ready to sign on the 1st April 2019?

“They told us we wouldn’t have to pay a £39 billion divorce bill, did they? Are any of those things true?”


'Why be so negative about democracy?'

Wootton argued that nobody could have predicted what Brexit was going to look like before it happened, and said that the People’s Vote campaigners needed to be more “positive” about the UK.

“How would anyone have known what type of Brexit we were going to have?” he said.

“All of your lot told us we were going to hell in a handbasket the next day, that the economy would crash the next day!

“All I ask is that your people in your march are positive about this future, you can disagree and call on another vote - which will never happen - but I feel like you should get behind this country, back this country, and think it could do great things, because what’s the point of being so negative about democracy?”