Dancer James Jordan: 'I wouldn't advise Theresa May to do Strictly'

Dancer James Jordan: 'I wouldn't advise Theresa May to do Strictly'

James Jordan and Denise Van Outen on Strictly in 2012. Image: Getty

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Strictly Come Dancing dancer James Jordan has weighed in on the ‘Maybot’ dance, saying he wouldn’t advise the Prime Minister to do Strictly.

Theresa May was filmed awkwardly dancing with schoolchildren at a secondary school in Cape Town, South Africa.

She’s visiting the country to talk about the African economy and trade relationships.

Speaking to Eamonn Holmes on the Drivetime show, Jordan said: “Firstly, fair play to her. She gave it a go, she got up there she was in South Africa - they might have been offended if she didn’t join in.

“It wasn’t particularly good, I wouldn’t advise her to go and do Strictly.”

He added that “some people think they can dance, until they go on Strictly”, to which Holmes replied: “I don’t think it’s fair to bring my wife into this!”

Ruth Langsford took part in Strictly in 2017.

“She looked like a professional,” Jordan replied.


'Politicians aren't great dancers'

Ed Balls and partner Katya Jones on Strictly in 2016

He said politicians have proved entertaining on the dance show, even if their skills are a little wooden.

“We've had Ann Widdecombe, Ed Balls. None of these politicians are great dancers but they’re very entertaining.”

May, he said, would probably have been criticised even if she was a good dancer.

“For her it was a lose-lose,” said Jordan.

“She’s gone out there, she’s had a go, people are slating her - probably rightly so, it wasn’t very good - but if she was brilliant, people would be complaining because people seem to complain about everything.”

He added that “anyone can be taught to dance” and joked with co-host Jane Moore that the Prime Minister should take up breakdancing lessons should she need to dance again.

“I do think there are limits, some people are more naturally gifted, they feel the music,” continued Jordan.

“I’ve taught people before who couldn’t even clap to the music, but they will get better.”

Strictly Come Dancing starts on September 8.