Daniel Hannan: EU elections could be ‘cancelled last minute’

Daniel Hannan: EU elections could be ‘cancelled last minute’

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Conservative MEP Daniel Hannan has said the European elections could still be “cancelled at the last minute” if the UK manages to agree a Brexit deal.

However, Mr Hannan said that it was unlikely because the EU would have to “show flexibility on the backstop”.

He told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “They could be cancelled at the last minute if a Brexit deal is done if the EU shows flexibility on the backstop, which it isn’t going to do.

“I am afraid it looks preposterously that three years on after the referendum we are yet going to have more European elections.

“That is the measure of how much our political leaders stymied the referendum result.”

The Conservative MEP also accused Labour of “creating a gridlock” in the Brexit negotiations.

He said: “Labour’s objective here is to create a gridlock and then point the finger at the government – ‘Look, what a mess!’ - They are slightly underestimating people’s capacity to see what is going on.

“I think they think that if there is a general sense of chaos at Westminster then the governing party will disproportionately get the blame for it even though it was because of Labour, SNP and Lib Dem MPs voting everything down.

“I can’t see Jeremy Corbyn abandoning his policy and trying to help out.”

Mr Hannan argued that accepting Theresa May’s deal, especially if it included a customs union, would be “the worst of all worlds”.

He said: “I am perfectly happy to say that it would be worse than staying in. It could combine all the disadvantages of EU membership with none of the advantages of leaving.

“It would mean that we would have the EU forever controlling our trade policy.”

He added: “You can imagine how little I want another set of European elections – but if the alternative is supporting this wretched withdrawal agreement then staying in and leaving on better terms next year is a less bad option.”

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