Daniel Kawczynski MP hangs up phone when confronted about 'misleading' Marshall Plan tweet


Monday, February 4, 2019

Conservative MP Daniel Kawczynski hung up the phone on talkRADIO host Alexis Conran after he questioned the politician about a "misleading" tweet he posted about Europe and Britain after the Second World War.

The politician came under fire for the tweet, in which he claimed Britain received no money from the Marshall Plan, a US programme providing aid to Western Europe following the devastation of World War II.

In the post, he wrote: "Britain helped to liberate half of Europe. She mortgaged herself up to eye balls in process. No Marshall Plan for us only for Germany. We gave up war reparations in 1990. We put £370 billion into EU since we joined.

"Watch the way ungrateful EU treats us now. We will remember."


'We will remember'

Thousands of Twitter users complained that the tweet was inaccurate, and so Alexis decided to question the MP directly about whether he stood by the post.

"It has been pointed out to you on Twitter by many many people that a short Google search, if you can use Twitter I assume you can use the internet through a Google search, Google the Marshall Plan to discover that the UK was the largest recipient of funds from the Marshall Plan," Alexis said.



"So now that this has been explained to you, not just by myself but by other Twitter users, would you like to apologise for misleading your Twitter followers because your tweet has a lot of retweets and likes and basically it's inaccurate, would you like to take this opportunity to A, delete it, and B, apologise?."

But Mr Kawczynski replied: "Look, I've been asked to come here to talk about Article 50 if you want to talk about Article 50, fine, if you don't we'll call it a day."

He was asked about the tweet again - but then hung up.


'Pick up a history book'

The original tweet has amassed over 11,000 comments and 3,000 shares since it was posted on Saturday.

It also attracted the attention of fellow politicians, including Labour MP David Lammy, who asked whether the tweet came from a parody account.

He said: "Britain received billions from the Marshall Plan and significantly more than West Germany or any other nation.

"Pick up a history book and you will learn that this brand of jingoistic nationalism is what tore our continent apart twice in one century."