Danish immigration website hacked after minister posts 'terrorist' Prophet Mohammed cartoon

Denmark ministry websites hacked following post featuring offensive cartoon

Inger Stojberg posted an image of an offensive cartoon

Friday, September 29, 2017

Two Denmark ministry websites have been hacked in alleged revenge for immigration minister Inger Stojberg posting a controversial Prophet Mohammed cartoon online.

The cartoons of Prophet Mohammed, depicted as a terrorist, first angered Muslims when published in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten in 2005.

Hackers left the ministry of immigration and ministry of foreign affairs website inaccessible, according to Sputnik. Local media reported that the hack was probably a response to the cartoons.

It is thought that no data has been compromised in the attack, but experts claim some IT data may have been destroyed.

It is not clear who conducted the attack, although a group named Aslan Neferler have claimed responsibility, and claimed the attack was a retaliation for the cartoon.

Stojberg has also admitted that "one should say there is a time-wise coincidence" between her post and the attack.

She posted a photo showing one of the cartoons as her phone background, after the Skovgaard Museum refused to include the image in a blasphemy exhibition.

Stojberg said she uses the cartoon as her background screen as a reminder that Denmark values freedom of speech.

However the politician has previously been branded islamophobic, having said in 2013 that Muslims who don't adopt Danish values should return to their country of origin.

She said: “Denmark is the land of the Danes and you are more than welcome to become a Dane and take part in the work and community.

"But to those Muslims who constantly work against us, constantly question us, are unsatisfied, encourage going to holy war in Syria, commit honour killings, belittle our values, flag or way of living – to all of you: Go and find somewhere else to live. No one is forcing you to stay. We accepted you and now it’s up to you to show the necessary respect for our society and the values it is built upon.”