Danny Dyer is related to royalty, internet almost collapses

'Might as well make him Duke of Canning Town now' - Danny Dyer is related to royalty

Danny Dyer

Monday, November 14, 2016

Actor Danny Dyer has discovered that he is related to royalty, after appearing on Who Do You Think You Are?. Unsurprisingly the news almost broke the internet.

In the upcoming episode of the show, it is found that Dyer is seemingly related to two kings of England, William the Conqueror and Edward III.

He is also related to a Lord, who invited him to his castle as part of the show, for a cup of tea...how lovely.

It's all a far cry from Dyer's attempt to portray himself as a working-class East End hard man who's about as far removed from royalty as Donald Trump is from Leon Trotsky.

The initial shock on Twitter rapidly gave way to mirth and banter, as users took to social media to mock the wannabe gangster.

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