Darren Grimes: ‘Democracy died’ with Supreme Court ruling

Mr Grimes warned of 'politicisation' of the courts

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

A pro-Brexit activist has said that “democracy died” when the UK's highest court ruled yesterday that the Prime Minister’s prorogation of Parliament was unlawful.

Darren Grimes, who founded pro-Brexit campaign group BeLeave, said the ruling had made him fear the "politicisation of our judiciary".

“I reckon actually we’re entering a new era of a sort of American Supreme Court style politicisation of our judiciary and that really concerns me," he told talkRADIO's Mike Graham.

The Supreme Court ruling overruled a previous London High Court decision, which claimed prorogation was not an issue for the judiciary - a ruling Mr Grimes agreed with.

“I think it is scary…because we’re now fighting politics in court, outside of the arena of politics, outside of the ballot box, who is Gina Miller accountable to? No one," he continued.

“And we had Lady Hale yesterday saying that she was looking at the political motive of the Prime Minister – who’s looking at the political motive of Gina Miller?”.

However, many have argued that yesterday’s landmark ruling highlighted pillars of British constitution.

These include parliamentary sovereignty (that Parliament is the country’s ultimate legal authority) and the rule of law, which means nobody, including the Prime Minister, is above the law.

But Mr Grimes went on to accuse the “pro-remain establishment” of having “ripped up the precedent in this country” in an attempt to block the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.  

“Anything to stop Brexit. Anything to overturn that democratic will of 17.4 million people and to me I think that’s absolutely disgusting," he said.

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