David Attenborough producer Fergus Beeley told family to die in shocking road rage tirade

Former BBC producer caught on camera in road rage incident telling family to die

Fergus Beeley was caught in a road rage incident

Monday, July 24, 2017

A video has emerged of a former BBC producer telling a family he wanted them to die in an incredible road rage fit.

Fergus Beeley, who has worked with David Attenborough for several years, allegedly asked the family, who were travelling in two cars, to come off the motorway in order to discuss what he called the grandmother's “dangerous” driving.

Grandmother Victoria Baumont was driving one car whilst her husband Simon Gale was driving another. Their grandson was also on the journey with them.

During the rant Beeley called Baumont an "old slut" and shouted “I want you dead," according to The Sun. He also claimed that the family were “under a citizen’s arrest.”

All three cars were stopped at a Sainsbury’s near the M27 in Southampton when the outburst took place on Saturday (July 22).

The child was travelling with his grandparents and his mother has said he is still terrified by what happened.

She told The Sun: “My son is still shook up. I really hope that man gets what he deserves for upsetting my son.

“He keeps looking out the window thinking [Beeley]  is coming to kill us because he kept telling us he wants us all to die. The police turned up and said that there was nothing they could do about it.”

Now Beeley has claimed his outburst was because he was trying to stop a death occurring on the road.

But Baumont said she thought the man was an undercover police officer at first as he had flashed his lights at her just after she'd been “rammed” by another car.

In the video she shouts: “You said you were a police officer. When the police arrive I will ask them what rank you are.”

But Beeley responded “I wouldn’t say that to a bunch of w*****s like you."

Gale, who was driving the family's second car, claims he was grabbed round the throat by Beeley and he “raised his fist in a threatening manner."

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary has said: “A 32-year-old man from Southampton and a 54-year-old from Gloucestershire each made an allegation of common assault but neither party wanted to pursue the complaint. As a result, advice was given to both parties and they were told that two assaults will be recorded and filed." 

You can see the video here (Warning - contains strong language).

Following the incident, the Twitterati have conjured a number of damning memes and gifs to make fun of Beeley, and a faux Twitter account has even been set up in his name.

You can see the best examples here (naturally we've included one from the fake Beeley account).