David Beckham accused of changing Unicef Downing Street visit for tax reasons

David Beckham accused of changing UNICEF Downing Street visit for tax reasons

David Beckham has denied a UNICEF visit to Downing Street was rearranged for tax purpooses

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

David Beckham has been accused of postponing a charity visit to Downing Street because of 'tax purposes'. 

Following a personal email hack, the Daily Mail reported the star was passed over for a knighthood because of questions surrounding his taxes on Monday.

Today (Tuesday), the former footballer is facing accusations in the paper he postponed a trip to Downing Street on behalf of Unicef in 2012 because of tax reasons, citing a hacked email. A spokesperson for the UN-affliated organisation confirmed to the Mail the engagement did go ahead at a more convenient date.

Beckham, who was living in Los Angeles at the time, has denied the claims, with a spokesman claiming the emails were "out of date, doctored, and out of context"  and that he couldn't travel to London on that particular date.

The star is reported to be considering the hiring of a private detective to track down the people responsible for the hack.