David Cameron can't be blamed for Brexit, says political commentator John Rentoul

'It's undemocratic to say it's David Cameron's fault we've left the European Union', says political commentator

David Cameron has resigned

Monday, September 12, 2016

David Cameron can't be held responsible for Brexit, despite the fact he called the referendum on June 23.

That's the view of political commentator John Rentoul, who spoke to talkRADIO after Cameron announced his resignation as the MP for Witney.

There will now be a by-election for Cameron's Oxfordshire seat. The former Prime Minister says he will do all he can to help the next Conservative candidate win.

Rentoul, the political commentator for The Independent, told Sam Delaney: “He did well for a Prime Minster inheriting a financial crisis.

“He gave the British public a chance to decide the answer to the question and I think it's undemocratic to say it's all his fault we've left the European Union.

“He’s learnt from the reaction to Tony Blair to keep it on the discreet side [when announcing his resignation]," Rentoul added. “I think he genuinely does want to create some kind of charitable foundation, as is the trend these days."

The journalist also commented on Jeremy Corbyn, feeling the only positive is that “he’s got a lot of people to sign up to the Labour party and get active in politics."

“I can’t see what his achievements have been," Rentoul added. “I think there will be a leadership election every year until they get rid of him."

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