David Cameron could have pushed for reform that leave voters wanted, says Alastair Campbell

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Alastair Campbell has claimed that if Britain had voted to remain in the EU, David Cameron would have been able to secure reforms that would satisfy leave voters.

Campbell made the claim in an interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer, adding the views of leave voters would have been "understood" in the hypothetical scenario.

"David Cameron went and tried to get an arrangement on immigration, he failed. Now that is the sort of issue that had he won - and by the way I think with Macron there and Merkel there, this is the tragedy for me, I think he would, a British Prime Minister would, have been able to push for the sort of reform that the leave vote was saying was needed. It's not as simple as saying it's all about Europe.



"When I talk about things like inequalities at home, that is one of the factors that led to people voting leave."

Campbell, who was formerly Tony Blair's director of communications, added: "Had remain won, and I can't speak for David Cameron because he would have remained Prime Minister, but at the very least there should have been an understanding of the reasons why people felt so moved to leave, and then addressing some of those issues, including immigration."

The politician-turned-author is calling for a People's Vote on Brexit, and told talkRADIO at an anti-Brexit march that he would do “anything to try and persuade the country to demand another look at Brexit".