David Cameron was forced to resign by Libya Isis report, says George Galloway

'Those who predicted action would lead to disaster have been proved accurate', says George Galloway after David Cameron is blamed for the rise of Isis

David Cameron has been criticised for intervening in Libya

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

David Cameron was forced to resign by the highly critical Parliamentary report into his 2011 Libya campaign, according to George Galloway. 

The talkRADIO presenter and former MP also said those who predicted the campaign would end in disaster have been vindicated, and suggested Britain is led by "Mr Beans" rather than "James Bonds."

A new report from Parliament's foreign affairs committee suggests the Libya offensive, which helped remove the country's ruler Muammar Gaddafi, abetted the rise of Islamic State. Cameron left his position as MP for Witney on Tuesday.

"Yet again those of us who predicted that this action [in Libya] would lead to disaster have been proved completely accurate," Galloway said. "Now we know why David Cameron rushed out his resignation announcement.

"Lessons are not learned, we're not led by James Bonds, we're led by Mr Beans. Cameron has been found guilty by this select committee, which has done a good job on this I think.

"Anybody that knew anything about the Middle East and North Africa knew that while Gaddafi was a fruitcake, he was not only not clear of present danger to anybody else, he was openly collaborating with everybody else."

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