David Dao: Courier Journal defends its reports on United Airlines passenger after 'smear campaign' claims

Courier Journal defends its reports on United Airline passenger David Dao

A man was dragged from a United Airlines flight (Stock image)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

A Kentucky newspaper has defended its coverage of the man at the centre of the United Airlines row, after it was accused of running a smear campaign.

Courier Journal ran a profile on David Dao after video was released of him being dragged against his will from a United Airlines flight,.

Many on social media accused the news platform of smearing Dao by saying he had a criminal history, to help deflect criticism away from the airline.  Some have even suggested the Courier Journal profiled the wrong man in its coverage of the incident.

But now the Courier Journal has released an article about how it got its information, insisting that its reports are correct and backed by rigorous research.

It said the name was confirmed by a source who has direct knowledge of the passenger's identity (although the source has not been named because they asked to remain anonymous) and that a reporter spoke to a former colleague of Dao, Donna Nadeau, who confirmed she worked with him between August 2015 and August 2016.

The Courier Journal also believes the wife of Dao has a practice in Elizabethtown, which has both of their names on its sign, and cites Kentucky court, property and medical licensure board records showing information on a 69-year-old Elizabethtown doctor named David Dao. This information is said to match that of the Chicago authorities.