David Davies accuses The 1975 of hypocrisy over air travel

The 1975 are set to embark on a world tour

Friday, August 30, 2019

David Davies has questioned UK band The 1975’s commitment to the environment, asking whether they plan to travel by air on their upcoming world tour.

In a letter to the band, written on official Parliament stationery, the Conservative MP questioned how the band was reaching performance venues across Asia, Australia and the United States.

The pop rock band recently recorded a song with teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg, in which she read out an essay claiming the human race is facing “a disaster of unspoken sufferings” if greenhouse emissions are not reduced.

Addressing the band's four members, Mr Davies wrote: “Are you travelling to Asia on the Trans-Siberian Express? Or will you be sailing in a £4m super-yacht like your mate Greta?.

“Do tell us. We must silence any mean-minded sceptics who think it’s a tad hyperbolic to preach on the evils of carbon emissions one minute – then jet across the globe the next.”

The band recently announced that proceeds from their track with Ms Thunberg would be donated to climate change activism group, Extinction Rebellion.

The MP continued: “Apparently you feel so strongly about the ‘climate emergency’ that you are donating all proceeds from the track to Extinction Rebellion so they can continue to block roads and prevent people from getting to work.

"Have a safe flight (or rather flights)."

Ending the letter, he added: "Are you going to be asking Extinction Rebellion to block roads in the cities when you play so that we can be certain nobody drives to one of your concerts by car?".

The letter was written on official Parliament stationery

Neither The 1975 nor Ms Thunberg have responded to the Monmouth MP.

Mr Davies has generally voted against measures to prevent climate change in Parliament.

He twice voted in favour of selling England's state-owned forests, and in 2016, voted not to reduce the permitted carbon dioxide emission rate of new homes.

He voted against an unsuccessful 2013 Bill that would have required a carbon target for electricity generation.

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