David Davies MP: ‘The bleeding-heart liberal brigade’ is encouraging migrants ‘to risk their lives’

David Davies MP: ‘The bleeding-heart liberal brigade’ is encouraging migrants ‘to risk their lives’

Three migrants who were attempting to cross The English Channel from France to Britain on August 4, 2018.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

David Davies, the Conservative MP for Monmouth has said that the ‘bleeding-heart liberal brigade’ is encouraging migrants to “risk their lives” cross the English Channel, after the Home Secretary said he was considering using a Border Force ship to rescue them.

Davies told talkRADIO’s Mike Graham: “We should be stopping it and I would hope to use boats that are currently in the Mediterranean.

“We should be using them to obviously save lives but also to take people back to France. Not only is that the right thing to do from our point of view, but also it is the right thing to do from the migrants’ point of view.

“We don’t want to be encouraging them to risk their lives by setting to sea in unworthy boats.

“The last thing we should be doing is giving them an incentive. The bleeding-heart liberal brigade, who are saying that we should rescue anybody who sets to sea and bring them here, is encouraging people to set to sea and lose their lives.

“They are not doing any favours for anyone by their attitude. You have got to remove any incentive for people to come here illegally, otherwise they will come illegally and some of them sadly will lose their lives doing so.”


'The most generous benefits' 

Around 100 people have reached UK shores after travelling on small boats or dinghies so far this month.

Sajid Javid has suggested the possibility of bring back a Border Force ship from the Mediterranean to work in the Channel.

However, he admitted that this “could have its own consequences” and encourage more people to cross the Channel.  

Davies added that he felt migrants wanted to come to Britain because it has “the most generous benefits” in Europe.

“Once people have got themselves into Europe, people will shop around to find the country with the most generous benefits and the most easily available work. That tends to be Britain on both accounts,” he said.

“On top of that, we have got the English language that is universally spoken and a lot of people will already have relatives here.

“I think that is the reason why people will always try to make it to Britain.

“I don’t blame people as individuals for trying it on but I do worry that Governments don’t really have the moral will power to do something about it.

“If we don’t, then we are going to see many more.”