David Davies MP on how his life has changed since wearing a bodycam

David Davies

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

David Davies has revealed the amount of abuse he has received from protesters in Westminster has reduced since he started wearing a bodycam.

The Conservative MP began wearing a GoPro attached to a vest earlier this month, in an effort to capture anti-social behaviour or abuse he experienced on camera.

Appearing on the Matthew Wright show, the MP said his experience so far had been "absolutely fantastic".



"I've had people who know that I'm doing this taking other protesters back, because they know that I will put them online," he said.

"If they want to push flags at me and swear in my face, I'll put it online."


'Really foul stuff'

David Davies pictured wearing his bodycam during a confrontation with protesters. Image: Getty

Mr Davies said he took the decision to wear the the camera about experiencing "a lot of abuse" which "almost became physical."

"There are sometimes insults, really foul stuff being shouted at you, almost to get a response," he said.

"Since I started wearing it I get a rather sarcastic 'Good morning Mr Davies', 'Good morning sir', all that sort of thing as I go past. Whereas before, I won't say on radio exactly what it was...".

His decision to don a bodycam followed an incident with MP Anna Soubry, who was hounded by so-called 'yellow vest' protesters outside Parliament.

Following the incident, in which Ms Soubry was accused of being a "Nazi", more than 60 MPs called on the Metropolitan Police to step up security and intervene where protesters begin to pose a threat.