David Davis 'to face calls in Parliament to reveal full extent of Brexit plan'

David Davis to face calls in Parliament to reveal details of Brexit plan

David Davis

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Brexit Secretary David Davis could face calls in Parliament today to reveal how detailed a plan Theresa May will create before beginning severance negotiations with the European Union. 

The Government has already agreed to publish its negotiating plan before triggering Article 50, but its reported that MPs could demand a detailed policy document rather than a brief outline of the Brexit strategy.

Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday backed a Labour motion which called her to publish a plan before triggering Article 50, to quell the possibility of a revolt by up to 40 Tory MPs.

In return, the rebel MPs and opposition members will back a compromise Government amendment to support her pledge to start Brexit by the end of March.

Labour have hailed Theresa May's decision as a "significant 11th-hour concession". 

But a Downing Street source claimed the PM was trying to expose die-hard Remain supporters in a vote, saying: "Crucially, from our perspective, it's making sure that Parliament are very clear they are not going to use this as a delaying method.

"So it's now down to MPs to signal that they also want to get on with Brexit by supporting our position."