David Davis insists he's a 'determined optimist' about Brexit

David Davis a 'determined optimist' about good Brexit deal after difficult EU talks

The Brexit Secretary is to address the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington

Friday, September 1, 2017

David Davis is to express his determined optimism about the prospects of a good Brexit deal, despite some bruising criticism from Brussels.

The Brexit Secretary has flown to Washington DC, where he is to speak to the US Chamber of Commerce today (Friday September 1).

In this address, he is to stress the UK will not become isolationist after it leaves the EU and to say it would secure a good divorce deal from the bloc.

This follows reports of the UK team striking a tough tone over the size of the reported Brexit bill, supposedly worth £90bn.

EU officials like Michel Barnier said the two sides were still “quite far” from making sufficient progress after the latest round of talks.

Davis is to highlight the importance of working together to achieve a good deal, for the interests of the UK, EU, and the rest of the world.