David Davis: Labour are trying to take away no-deal ‘the one lever’ UK has in Brexit negotiations

David Davis: Labour are trying to take away no-deal ‘the one lever’ UK has in Brexit negotiations

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis has suggested Labour are taking away the 'one lever' UK has by ruling out no-deal Brexit.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis has said that it is “simply not good enough” for Labour to take away no-deal Brexit because it is the “one lever” the UK has in the Brexit negotiations.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has refused to meet with Prime Minister Theresa May unless she rules out the possibility of no-deal Brexit.

He told talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer: “The Labour Party is being the opposition and opposing everything religiously but it also needs to think about what the national interest is here.

“It is not a gun held to Parliament’s head, it is a sharp alternative held up in front of the European Union. Why is it a sharp alternative? Because despite all of the ridiculous scare stories we have had about no deal, there are upsides to it.

“There are short-term inconveniences certainly but there are upsides to it. The ability to do our own trade deals straight away is a big upside.

“The ability to control our own economy straight away without constraints is a big upside.

“There are big upsides for us that there aren’t for Belgium, some parts of France and Germany, and Ireland, who all face quite serious problems with no deal.

“It is quite proper to keep it on the table because if the other side is being very hard-nosed, we have to be hard-nosed too.

“It is simply not good enough from the Labour Party to try and take away the one lever we have in this exercise at this stage.”


'Go deaf' 

Watch: Former Brexit Secretary David Davis suggest what Theresa May should do next. 

The MP for Haltemprice and Howden added that the European Union “go deaf” when they here proposals they “do not want to listen to”.

He said: “To some extent this is posturing by the European Union. When they hear things they don’t want to listen to, they just go deaf.

“They say they don’t know what we want even though they are told what we want in terms.”

Mr Davis said that the Prime Minister needed to go back to the EU with a “specific demand”.

“I think she should go back with some explicit proposals on the Northern Ireland border,” he said.

“If she does that they have got to say yes or no, and then they have got to turn around to their own members who will suffer in the event of no deal and say that they said no or yes for this reason.

“The more specific we make it, the faster we will get to a resolution and we are now in the last couple of months and need to get a resolution quite quickly.”