'David Davis looks like a bragging schoolboy and has made a fool of himself over Brexit impact assessments'

'David Davis looks like a bragging school boy and has made a fool of himself over Brexit impact assessments'

David Davis says there are no impact assessments

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

David Davis has come across as a bragging schoolboy and made a fool of himself, a political commentator has said.

The Brexit secretary has said the Government has not conducted impact assessments on what will happen to the UK economy when it leaves the EU. He said instead it had created a "sectoral analysis" of different industries, but Labour have labelled this a "shambles."

John Rentoul, chief political commentator for The Independent, told Sam Delaney that Davis "has made a fool of himself. He comes across as a sort of bragging schoolboy who’s got this wonderful project all set up and when he's asked to bring it in and show the class, well, 'actually it’s not finished yet.'"

However he explained Davis "has given the committee, the Brexit committee of MPs, he’s given them 800 pages, he’s given them quite a wedge of documentation, it's not what he appeared to be suggesting that he had.

"It turned out to be something that civil servants had rustled together at the last minute."

But Rentoul said: "How important all this is, I mean it’s great fun and he does look slightly foolish and caught out, but whether it actually makes any difference in the end to anything is by the by."

He also thinks that when Labour asked Davis to hand the documents over it was merely "political-game-playing."

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