David John Harris: Former producer on The Bill jailed for 17 years for plotting to kill his partner

Man jailed for 17 years after asking three people to kill his partner

The man appeared at the Old Bailey

Friday, July 14, 2017

A former producer on crime drama The Bill has been jailed for 17 years for asking several people to murder his partner.

David John Harris was convicted of three counts of solicitation in May and has been jailed today (July 14) at the Old Bailey, City of London Police said.

The court heard that he asked several people to kill Hazel Allinson before eventually thinking he had convinced Christopher May to commit the crime.

Harris thought May would kill the woman on February 28 2016, but instead May tried to warn Allinson about the plot.

When the woman went back home to Harris on the same day, police found that he texted May to say "She’s home - what happened?”

Duke Dean was then recruited by the 68-year-old and they met three times, including once when they drove round to locations Allinson regularly visited.

But Dean instead reported the plot to police in November 2016. Harris contacted another man that same month to conduct the killing, but he was actually an undercover police officer.

Harris was arrested and during police interviews he denied the conspiracy and said instead he was doing research for a book. Yet no evidence was found of the said book and police also struggled to get Harris to explain the plot in detail.

Harris was secretly recorded plotting to kill Allinson, and you can hear the recording below.