David Lammy and Stacey Dooley in 'white saviour' row

Stacey Dooley

Stacey Dooley pictured in Uganda. Image: Stacey Dooley/Instagram

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Labour MP David Lammy has accused Stacey Dooley of being a "white saviour" after she posted pictures of herself in Uganda during filming for Comic Relief.

The television presenter posted pictures on her Instagram page of her trip, captioning one picture with a young boy: "OB.SESSSSSSSSSSED".

Mr Lammy responded by tweeting the world did "not need any more white saviours".





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"This just perpetuates tired and unhelpful stereotypes," he added.

"Let's instead promote voices from across the continent of Africa and have serious debate."

His comments have created a furious debate on social media about the term 'white saviours' used to describe white people who believe they are "saving" non-white people, in a way that could be perceived to be self-serving.

Ms Dooley hit back and tweeted: "David, is the issue with me being white? (Genuine question) ...because if that’s the case, you could always go over there and try raise awareness?

"Comic Relief have raised over 1 billion pounds since they started. I saw projects that were saving lives with the money. Kids lives."


Make 'no apologies'


Comic Relief have also released a statement following the 'white saviour' row, and said they would "make no apologies" for sending Ms Dooley to Uganda to raise awareness of the "issues" facing the country.

The statement continued: "We have previously asked David Lammy if he would like to work with us to make a film in Africa and he has not responded.

"The offer is still open."