'David Lammy is perpetuating Oxbridge elitism - he discourages minority people from applying'

Elitism: 'MP David Lammy is part of the problem as he perpetuates the Oxbridge stereotype'

Toby Young has criticised MP David Lammy

Friday, October 20, 2017

MP David Lammy is perpetuating the Oxbridge stereotype which discourages students from black and minority ethnic backgrounds to apply, according to a The Spectator's Toby Young.

Data obtained by Lammy as shown there is a regional bias at Oxbridge and students from the top two social classes dominate the institutions. Lammy said he was "appalled to discover" elitism at Oxbridge is allegedly moving backwards.

However Toby Young, the associate editor of The Spectator and co-founder of many free schools, told Julia Hartley-Brewer that Lammy is actually part of the inequality problem.

He said: "When people like David Lammy imply that Oxford and Cambridge are guilty of racial bias, [although] he hasn’t flat out said that.

"David Lammy perpetuates that stereotype which is really unhelpful when it comes to encouraging students from black and minority ethnic backgrounds to apply."

But he believes the main issue "is with our public education system. It’s that secondary schools and post-16 sixth forms aren’t as good as they should be."

He thinks some teachers are discouraging pupils from applying to top institutions and "it’s a kind of anti-elitist inverse snobbery."

However Young claims Oxbridge is "bending over backwards [to help disadvantaged children] they spend millions of pounds every year on outreach on summer schools.

"One of the reasons these top institutions, these top universities, aren’t biased is because they're ferociously intellectually snobbish, they don't want posh white kids, they want the most able kids they can get regardless of gender ethnicity background."

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