Dawn Butler ‘embarrassed’ to be a politician after leaders debate

Dawn Butler thought the debate was 'embarrassing'

Monday, June 17, 2019

Dawn Butler has said last night’s Conservative leadership debate was “embarrassing” for the profession.

The Labour MP told talkRADIO’s Mathew Wright she was “kind of forced” to watch the debate, which saw five of the six remaining leadership contenders take questions from undecided voters.

“You know sometimes when you’re in a profession, and you get really embarrassed by your profession and you think ‘oh my goodness this is so embarrassing’, and I thought, well this is a little bit embarrassing,” she said.

While Brexit dominated the discussion, the major elephant in the room was the absence of Boris Johnson, who chose not to take part.

He was represented on stage by an empty podium.

Ms Butler said she hopes the leadership frontrunner gets a “really good run for his money”.

“I know everyone thinks it’s a foregone conclusion, but at the end of the day another person just appointed or anointed into Number 10 by the Tory grand elite, I don’t think does very well for our country,” she said.

“Whilst there’s all this distraction with this and Brexit, nothing is happening, but what is happening is detrimental to everybody else in the country. So everybody’s suffering.”

She said it was “interesting” Jeremy Corbyn was so frequently mentioned by the candidates during the 90 minute debate.

If you’re that scared of somebody or if you think somebody’s so useless why would you mention them so many times?” she said.

“The fact that they mentioned him (Jeremy Corbyn) so many times makes me think they know that he’s a threat because he has something to offer that they don’t.”

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