Dawn Butler: Theresa May 'a danger to democracy'

Dawn Butler

Monday, March 4, 2019

Labour frontbencher Dawn Butler said the Prime Minister’s attempts to “bribe” Labour MPs to vote for her deal were a danger to British democracy.

Theresa May has faced criticism after announcing a £1.6 billion fund to help struggling communities in the north and midlands.

Some have seen the fund as a cynical attempt to persuade Labour MPs in leave-voting constituencies to vote for Mrs May’s revised Withdrawal Agreement.



Speaking to talkRADIO’s Matthew Wright, Ms Butler said: “She’s doing everything she possibly can to get her deal through the house, from running down the clock to now offering money for votes.

“That’s very dangerous for our democracy and I think people need to take this seriously.”

Ms Butler added that the sum of money offered was just a “drop in the ocean” compared to cuts made to local authority funding as part of the government’s austerity measures.

“It’s such small fry in terms of what local communities have lost, and I don’t think our MPs are that cheap,” Ms Butler added.


Labour’s ‘painful’ Brexit journey

A Brexit supporter and second referendum campaigner clash in London. 

Although the Prime Minister will be hoping to persuade some Labour MPs in leave-voting constituencies to support her deal when it comes before Parliament, Ms Butler confirmed the Labour Party was unlikely to follow.

Jeremy Corbyn told his MPs last week that the party would support a second referendum if May’s deal did not pass through the Commons.

Ms Butler acknowledged Labour’s Brexit journey had been “painful” but believed it had been necessary.

She said: “The policy is not completely ironed out but we will consider Theresa May’s deal and then it will need to be put to the people so they can understand what it is Theresa May has put on the table and what is on offer.”

Ms Butler confirmed she would like to see an option for remaining in the EU to be put on the ballot paper.  

“I would vote to remain. I believe remain and reform is the best thing for this country,” she added.