'Decriminalising abortion shows callous disregard for unborn babies', says pro-life campaigner

'Decriminalising abortion shows a callous disregard for unborn children', says Life organisation

MPs will discuss a reform of abortion laws (Stock image)

Monday, March 13, 2017

Decriminalising abortion shows a "callous disregard for unborn children" and ignores the safety of women, according to a prominent pro-life organisation.

MPs are set to discuss abortion laws, including criminal sanctions for women and doctors in England and Wales. People who have an abortion using illegal abortion pills bought online can face prison.

Anne Scanlan, education campaigner at Life, told Paul Ross: “I think this bill not only shows a callous disregard for unborn children, but ignores the safety of women.

“Safeguards currently provided by the abortion act would be lost. The abortion industry has twisted and abused the act out of all recognition."

But chair of the Abortion Rights Campaign Kerry Abel said: “The [laws] just not relevant anymore, we don’t live our lives like that, technological advancements have been made.

“Because there’s a life sentence hanging over women’s heads, they’re worried about getting healthcare," she added. “I’m saying prosecute [those who sell the pills], don’t prosecute the women."

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