'Deeply disturbing' racist email sent from teacher's account to students

'Deeply disturbing' racist email sent from teacher's account to students

A racist email was sent from a teachers account

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A racist email has been sent to students and staff from a teacher's account which was allegedly hacked, according to Connecticut's Department of Education.

The message was sent from the account of a teacher at Wilcox Technical High School and included racist comments and swearing, NBC Connecticut reported.

The chief of staff at the Connecticut Department of Education said that the message included "deeply disturbing, inappropriate, and offensive racial comments that have absolutely no place in our schools."

Laura J Stefon also said both the high school system and the Department of Education take incidents like this "extremely seriously" and they are working with the police to find all those involved in the email.

​Although pupils were shocked to see the message arrive it was only a few minutes later that another message was sent out by the school to parents to explain the situation.

The principal of the school has been praised by parents for the way she handled the email and the police have been praised for a fast response.

An extra state police officer is to be deployed to the school this morning (October 24) to reassure students, however it is not thought that they are under threat.

An investigation into the matter is still ongoing.