Delta faces new airline PR disaster after kicking California family off flight

Delta Airlines kicks California family off flight after arguing over toddler seat

This incident follows the highly publicised incidents across United Airlines

Friday, May 5, 2017

Delta Airlines has come under fire for removing a family from a flight because they wouldn't give up a seat they'd bought for their child. 

Brian and Brittany Schear, who come from Orange County in California, had boarded the flight from Maui in Hawaii to Los Angeles with a reservation for their two-year-old son earlier this week.

Airline staff came over to them and told the couple they had to give up the toddler's seat. An argument soon ensued, the footage of which has been posted onto YouTube.

In the video, one of the airline staff says the two-year-old can't sit in a seat with a booster, and would have to sit in his father's arms the whole time.

However, this directly contradicts Delta Airlines guidelines, which says couples have the option to purchase a safety seat or can hold their children for the duration of the flight. 

One employee is also heard warning Brian Schear he is committing a "federal offence" and he could be put in jail and his kids placed in foster care. 

The family left the flight and were not reimbursed for their trouble, having had to find their own accommodation, transportation, and flights for the following day.

Delta Airlines apologised to the couple for failing to provide compensation.

See the video here: 



This incident follows the highly-publicised incident where a passenger was violently removed from a United Airlines plane after refusing to give up his seat because the airline had overbooked.