Democrats and Republicans divided over Clinton-Trump debate - but both agree it was pretty lowbrow

Republicans and Democrats are divided in the aftermath of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's debate

Donald Trump (Getty)

Monday, October 10, 2016

In the wake of the second presidential debate, Republicans and Democrats appear to be uncertain of who actually won last night. 

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off in their second big clash ahead of voting day in November last night. 

With Trump having to defend himself over controversial comments he made in 2005, and Clinton forced to discuss allegations against her husband, the debate got highly personal.

Kate Andrews from Republicans Abroad, told Julia Hartley-Brewer "it got very dark very quickly. 

"Donald Trump is not my candidate, so it's with a heavy heart that I say that I think he won last night. 

"In the first debate, Hillary Clinton was on her game, controlling the debate in a good way, pushing her agenda and Donald into a corner. It seemed the opposite last night, because Trump kept pushing scandals back on Clinton in a calm demeanor.

"It just baffles me that someone who's had such a bad 48 hours, with this tape [containing the 'p***y remarks] coming out, could turn out a win. Last night was a real game-changer. A lot of people feel that Bill Clinton has gotten away with a lot of terrible things over the years - especially towards woman. 

"But they don't say it onstage, and Donald Trump is the first to put it in these blatant terms."

Susan Harrington from Democrats Abroad gave a different interpretation, saying "I think Donald Trump was very frightening over the first 20 to 30 minutes. He was all over the place.

"I think his performance improved over the course of the debate, but his comment about him arresting and jailing Hillary Clinton is not the kind of comment we've heard in any US political discourse.

"It's the kind of thing we hear in a tin-pot dictatorship. This is what frightens me about Donald Trump - I don't think he understands the constitution. 

"Regarding Bill Clinton's allegations, Kenneth Starr had looked into them and found nothing to prosecute. This is raising up the past about someone who's not the candidate, so it makes me confused."