Democrats file lawsuit against Donald Trump over foreign payments

Democrats file lawsuit against Donald Trump over foreign payments

The suit claims Donald Trump has not sought approval for payments made

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A lawsuit has been filed against Donald Trump over his supposed receipt of payments by foreign governments via his businesses. 

Close to 200 Democrats in the House of Congress filed the suit, which claims the US president has been paid by foreign governments through contracts with his companies. 

The Trump empire is comprised of more than 500 different entities ranging from hotels and golf courses to real estate. A number of these have worked with foreign governments in the past. 

The President handed care of his businesses over to his sons Eric and Donald Trump Jr when he took office, but the accusations against him haven't quite gone away.

The lawsuit plaintiffs are claiming Trump has violated the emoluments clause of the American constitution, which prevents sitting presidents from receiving any payments or gifts without the approval of Congress.

They are accusing the President of using his position to maximise his profits and of interfering in their constitutional duty.

The White House has issued a denial to the claim, with press secretary Sean Spicer calling it "partisan politics."