'Demonstrations against Donald Trump's state visit won't make one bit of difference,' says Labour MP

'Demonstrations against Donald Trump state visit won't make one bit of difference', says Labour MP

Donald Trump is expected to visit the UK in a formal state visit later this summer

Monday, February 20, 2017

A Labour MP has said the demonstrations against Donald Trump's upcoming state visit will not impact the Government's invitation.

The petition against the US president coming to the UK on an official state visit garnered more than 1.8 million signatures.

Demonstrations against the visit are due to take place today in Parliament Square. 

Dowd, the MP for Bootle, said in an interview with Paul Ross that this wouldn't change anything, because they've already given the president the offer.

He said: "On balance, I think it was extended prematurely, because it's the highest honour to be extended to a foreign dignitary. 

"Donald Trump's a character, and makes comments which will come back to haunt him. 

"The bottom line for us is this: the Government's given the invite, and they can't back away from it. They've actually already responded to the petition. If you look on the petition website it basically says, ‘thank you very much but no thanks, he’s going to get the invite.’

"The demonstrations won't make one bit of difference. It'll go ahead regardless."