Denmark’s integration minister asks public to report foreigners lurking in pizzerias

Denmark’s integration minister asks public to report pizzerias if staff don't speak Danish

Inger Stojberg believes the public should help to track down illegal immigrants

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Denmark’s integration minister has asked "normal" people to contact authorities if they see many people at the back of pizzerias not speaking Danish.

Inger Stojberg made the comments in reaction to a report on TV2 which discussed record numbers of illegal immigrants in Denmark, according to The Local.

The report said that last year 1,348 people were charged with being in the country without permission, the highest number ever recorded in the Scandinavian country.

Stojberg believes that members of the public have a responsibility to help track down migrants with no documents.

She said: “I would actually encourage completely normal Danes to, when they are, for example, at their local pizzeria and think that there is something weird going on in the back room because there are many people going around in there not speaking Danish at all, then contact the authorities.

"It is utopic to believe that the police can get into every back room in Denmark."

But her comments were criticised by opponents and the hastag anmelden pizza bager, which means report a pizza baker, began to trend on Twitter as many users wrote fake reviews of pizzerias in relation to her comments.