Dennis Skinner gets angry when asked if there's a split in Labour under Corbyn

'Theresa May called snap election over Tory election expenses', claims Dennis Skinner

The MP for Bolsover spoke to Paul Ross about the snap election

Friday, April 21, 2017

Veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner got rather annoyed when Paul Ross asked him if there was a split in the Labour Party.

Paul struggled to get a word in as Skinner, one of Labour's longest-serving MPs, discussed the current state of the party - and said Jeremy Corbyn has a far better chance of election than Labour's last hard-left leader, Michael Foot did 30 years ago.

Skinner, known as 'the Beast of Bolsover', got particularly angry when Paul asked him whether he would be referencing Jeremy Corbyn in his campaign literature, claiming it's "not par for the course" for candidates to do so.

He also suggested that Theresa May's explanation for calling a snap election is a "fairy story", and claimed the real reason is that the Crown Prosecution Service is considering charging up to 30 Tory MPs over their 2015 election expenses - and, if they lost their seats, Ms May will lose her majority.


Listen above.