Deposit return scheme anger: 'It punishes people who already recycle'

'It punishes people who already recycle' - Deposit return scheme met with anger

Returning bottles to shops could be problematic, believe some

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

People will soon be able to hand their plastic bottles back to shops to be recycled in return for money, but many seem to have been angered by the idea.

The Government has announced the plan, which means eventually when customers purchase a plastic bottle, can or single-use glass in England they will also be paying an added deposit.

The deposit will then be paid back to the customer if they return the bottle or can back to the shop for recycling.

It is not yet clear how much the deposit will be or when the scheme will begin, but its aim is to help tackle pollution in the ocean.

The issue has been highlighted in many ways recently, for example Blue Planet II showed wildlife eating plastic, and concerns have been raised about the impact of this on the environment.

Many have welcomed the scheme, as it appears to be a step forward in combating pollution, however others have been outraged.

Some claim the scheme won't help, as people will be driving to shops to recycle instead of using bins outside their houses.

Others have claimed it's unfair on those who already recycle at home and pay for it through council tax, whilst some say they either won't bother to return the bottle for a small amount of money, or can't afford to pay the deposit in the first place.

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